It isn't easy being green. Having to spend each day the color of the leaves..

Well, the leaves on some of the trees here in Denmark have started to turn yellow, red or a number of other non-regulatory colors for leaves. I wonder if Kermit the frog changed colors during the autumn as well.

I am not too crazy about the autumn. You see, summer is my favorite season. With summer comes jacket- and sometimes sweater-less fun in the sun with the occasional ice cream and usually no homework. Summer is like the weekend, which would mean that the autumn is a Monday. Monday with rain, wind, stress and cold weather. I do not really see the romance in it.

Here in Denmark, they have added an autumn holiday to make this retched season a little less annoying. Actually, a Danish guy told me that the autumn holiday has something to do with the olden-days and harvest, but personally I think that is just an excuse.

Last year, we took this opportunity to visit Vienna. A gorgeous city, with not equally gorgeous inhabitants. The over all beauty of it is however above average. This year we are pondering (love that word. Reminds me of "plunder") to visit Sweden. It is just a flaming Moe away (well, actually just a short train ride away, but I'm sure the train ride takes about as long as drinking a flaming Moe, if you really savor it).

In Sweden I expect to see meatballs, Ikea, blond people in skimpy clothing and a match factory or two.

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