In Sweden it is not considered among the basic human rights to pee..

..it's considered a privilege! No matter where you go; malls, burger king, the main street - each toilet booth has a little money collecting device on it. A vampiric money collecting device, which sucks your wallet dry! Every single pee costs 5 Swedish kroner (which is equivalent to about 70 US cents, 54 euro cents, 4 Danish kroner or 47 Icelandic kroner). When the first money collecting device I came across bit my wallet I was a bit nervous. You see, I was sure there would be a person unknown to me standing in the booth, ready to message my shoulders while I was taking a leak sitting on a toilet of gold. I was not quite sure I would be able to perform under that kind of pressure. It was a false alarm. The toilet was a standard, white one and there was no-one inside other then myself. Who knew peeing could be that expensive?

The part I saw of Sweden (Malmö) was lovely though. It had more parks and green areas then all other cities in the solar system combined. Maybe it has something to do with that perhaps not all Swedish people can afford peeing in public toilets all the time....

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