Welcome you beautiful machine you

In one and a half months time (plus a day), I will be 25 years old. Actually, the day after that I will also be 25, and probably for a whole year after that if I find it to my liking. 22nd of October is however more special, as it is the first time ever I give 25 a shot.

Because of that, today I got my first birthday present this year. It was from my parents, whom I choose to call "mom" and "dad" (well, truth be told, I choose to call them "mamma" and "pabbi", but what do you care?). They are currently in Denmark on business and I found myself in an electronics shop with them. It was there I saw the most beautiful juicer in the entire world. Juicers have visited my dreams of late and spoken to me with a voice which is probably layered with mesmer (two monpoints for the one who gets the "quote"). This particular juicer was made out of pure gold, had a diamond power button and it whispered to me that it could do my taxes if I'd like (that, or I'm still under the mesmer).

Now.. I haven't gone "juicer spotting" before, because I haven't been sure whether or not I would use one if it came to be in my possession. Today, those thoughts evaporated as I watched my reflection in the juicer of gold.

And now it's MINE!

It can juice at the power of 700W and it juices just about everything. My juice-de-flowering was composed of carrots, cucumber, apple and a little fresh ginger. Of course it doesn't stop there. I might just feel like taking an all-juice week, where gourmet juices such as "beef fillet and potatoes" or "sushi" grace my dinner menu. The possibilities are endless!

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