My mouth is on fire

I made chicken fajitas for lunch. They were yummier than Brad Pitt, covered in ice cream and holding a 8 GB iPod Nano. Well, I actually don't find Brad Pitt to be all that yummy. I just needed a universal symbol of yum for all you guys to understand just how tasty my chicken fajitas were.

Back to Brad Pitt.... I mean, the fajitas! Amongst other things, they had some chopped up chilly pepper for extra zploing. For some reason, all the chilly seemed to have decided to hang out at the second last bite of MY fajita.

I have now changed into a rather short, rather scale-less and rather wingless fire-breathing dragon. I have this strange urge to find an unsuspecting village to breath fire on and pillage and plunder (heh. I like that word. Plunder) and a cave to keep my assortments of virgins and plunderings (heh heh. Sorry. Couldn't resist).

I wonder if they have any nice caves in the real estate section...

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