I am bored, therefor I am.. boring?

I usually say that if you're bored, it's your own damn fault. Never the less, I am sitting at home in front of the computer on a Friday night, making a list of soulmelds a totemist can use (D&D stuff).

Aren't I the cool one?

I am so friggin' bored. If it weren't for the fact that I haven't drunken a single alcoholic beverage or eaten candy or any other unhealthy stuff for two months now, I would SO be medicating myself with sugar. Bleh. I'd rather have a bicep and thighs with a muscle definition back than have sugar anyway. Or fun. Well.. At least sugar.

I have already made and eaten ice-cream (ice-cream-maker is a girl's second best friend) out of low-fat dairy, a banana and some mom-imported splenda.

I can't think of anything else that I *want* to do. I did get this interesting idea of going out to the balcony and throwing wet toilet paper at passers by. The problem is that it's dark out now so even if there were any people about, I would probably not be able to see them too clearly. That, and I throw like a girl.

If I were in Iceland right now, I would call some of my peeps, throw on some make-up, jump into my party-suit and hopefully head out for a night of sober partying and dancing, laughing, joking and dancing some more.

I seriously need to find myself "Danish peeps".

I wonder what Chuck Norris would do at a time like this. He would probably go outside and kick a few thugs around. Then he'd kick his own ass for letting himself get bored.

In fact, that is what I will do! Find crooks and punish them with my super-kung-fu powers. Then I'll bring 'em to justice or just leave them on the police stations door step with a pretty red boa around their evil, demented criminal heads. There's nothing quite like a night of crime fighting......

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