Very dubious

The boyfriend is sick. I'm talking, fever, coughing all over the place and the voice of Marge Simpson. The medical term for what he has is "lung infection". The doctor has him taking antibiotics and has ordered him to rest. Yup. That sounds extra sick doesn't it?

I still find it a bit dubious, as this alleged "sickness" is taking place the very week that one of our local grocery stores has a "killer-super-offer-week". That's my English name for it (catchy, isn't it?) but in Danish it's called "hamstring uge" (uge meaning week and hamstring meaning to "hamster" stuff. You know.. buy a lot of it), so everybody be sure to do an extra set of lunges on "leg day" at the gym!

Yes. Anyway. Killer-super-offer-week means lots and lots of heavy grocery shopping. Things like 3 kg (6.6 lbs) of chicken breasts etc.

Before we moved to Denmark, we sold our fleet of cars, as a car is not necessary to get from A to B here. This means that we walk around a kilometer (0.6 miles) to the store, put the stuff we buy into backpacks and walk back. The last two days, poor little mon, has not only had to carry a double amount of groceries, as the boyfriend plays xbox 360 at home (seriously people. Buy yourself an xbox 360 and the game The Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion), but also all those killer-super-offer-week things as well. Yesterday, I collapsed on the floor of our apartment with a 10-pack of steel pots and pans in my hands. Then I nearly drowned in my own sweat.

Now, I WOULD give him the benefit of the doubt, if the same thing hadn't happened last year as well. In fact, the picture accompanying this post of me carrying 3 kg of chicken breast was taken just then. Note the dark circles around the eyes due to partial insomnia because of second-hand-coughing. Oh. He's good. HE'S REALLY GOOD!

If we'll still be in Denmark the next time Killer-super-offer-week occurs, I'm keeping you posted on the boyfriends health!

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