Dear Raymond Guterriezz,
I must say, I was a little surprised when I got your e-mail, in particularly because you referred to me as a sir, when I am most definitely a queen. I mean madam. Not like the ones from the old west though, that hung out at the pigeon ranch.

Ah.. hung! That brings me to my point. You wrote to me that you are selling magic pills that are garneted to add 2 full inches to my penis. All though, like I said before, I am the penis-less type of queen, I find this very interesting.

Seeing we are both smart people (I gather because half of your letter was written in some new mixture of 1337, strange, new English and kid-Latin. You must be pretty smart to invent a new language!), we'll agree that 2 inches on top of 0 must indeed be 2 inches (except for some really large values of 2!).

This brings me to my question. Although I am not interested in having a 2 inch penis myself, I think it might catch on among serial-club-going females. You see, the queue to the female restrooms can get very long and I am sure that many would welcome the opportunity to have a choice between the male and the female restroom.

Before I order a large quantity of pills to sell to that particular group, I would like you to answer this question;

Would you refer to a person with both male and female gentiles as an "It"? I find clowns very scary, ever since I saw the movie "It" at a very young age and I’m afraid that would prevent my purchase.

With best regards, and in hope of a quick response,

Ósk Ólafsdóttir,
Queen, Computer Scientist, Super hero and a Coulrophobic

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