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- Kaldhæðni er öflugur félagi í Ísalandsfordómabaráttu

You could get a penguin-walking job

That is BRILLIANT! I am sure it would be a nice way to spend the afternoon. Put a little, red leash on good ol’ Snowball and take him out for a nice walk in the rain.
Only two problems. I don’t know anyone who owns a penguin and I don’t think they walk too fast either. I wouldn’t want poor Snowball to wobble himself half to death.
Oh.. and I don’t think penguins with lean tummies make popular mates! I wouldn’t want to contribute to the demise of his social life.

...what about polar bears then? They walk down the middle of your streets don't they?

Oh of course they do. They stay away from the cities center though, because Santa usually does his shopping there. They don’t get along very well after that whole tedious situation with the elf and the candy cain… Just as well. Before they sometimes sat on the igloo of parliament, and it took hours to fix each time.
They are pretty independent. Usually take themselves for a walk.

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